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Ched Evans - reasons he should be allowed to play football, according to Twitter.

Well... obviously he can play football, in the local park or the garden, no one is stopping him.
What I want to blog about are the reasons many people on twitter and other social media give, for supporting Oldham Athletic (and presumably other clubs) in their desire to sign the rapist Ched Evans now that he has been released from prison on license.

Over the last couple of days I have been glued to twitter with amazement at the stupidity of the people who support Ched Evans, who think he is innocent, who think he deserves a second chance or just want to have a go at 'the feminazi'. I am not a prolific twitter user, but when something like this happens it's quite hard to drag myself away. So I thought I would compile some of the best (Or worst) comments/arguments.

Firstly though a couple of really good articles about the recent situation:

ched evans has served his time and other misconceptions by Lucy Hunter Johnston

Why Ched Evans Supporters are wrong by Grace Dent

Why do I hate Ched Evans? By Jean Hatchet

EDIT for today's breaking news about How karl Massey, father of Ched Evans' girlfriend will be paying a football club to take Ched Evans on which, however way you look at it, is a bit fucked up.

And so to the tweets and so on.

Isn't he allowed to make a living?

 Of course he is allowed to make a living, hasn't his girlfriend's father offered him a job in the family business? There are a million and one things he could apply to do from working in McDonalds to applying to train as a teacher, though I doubt he'd have much luck with the latter because funnily enough people seem to object to rapists working with children.Can't think why. Yes, if he were a plumber he might be able to go back to his job, if he were self employed and so not likely to have declare that he is a sex offender. However if he were to try getting a job working for his local plumbing firm then maybe he might have a problem, given that his prospective employer might be a bit twitchy about allowing a rapist into other people's homes. So, if he doesn't want to risk that then going on benefits might well be a possibility but to be honest - YES I would be pissed off if he claimed benefits given that a wealthy man has offered him a job in the family business.

But other people have done worse things...

Oh yes. You see, Mike Tyson raped someone and he's an all round good guy that everyone is fine with and we all know there are lots of paedophiles in lots of different respectable professions like politics and broadcasting not to mention the tens of other footballers who have killed, maimed and assaulted people before returning to football glory.

Well... since when has listing the shit things other people have done been a defence for being a nasty little rapist? I really don't get this argument, though it has been latched onto by the twitter knuckle-draggers. Here's a clue you idiots, if you REALLY do believe that it's terrible for football clubs to take back players who have killed and abused people then you need to join and support any current and ongoing campaign which is attempting to change that situation. Sitting behind your computer and posting vile comments about the rape victim or moaning about the ongoing campaign does not help.

OH - and it's ALLOWED, not ALOUD!

He has served his time

Oh no he hasn't but don't let the opportunity to proclaim his innocence pass you by, or the fact that he went through a trial and was found guilty on the evidence presented and then denied at least one appeal.

If you go back to a hotel room or you are drunk you are just asking to be raped by someone who lets himself into the room without permission (you slag).

Yes. 2015 and Twitter is still populated by young men who appear to be admitting that they go out most weekends and rape women who are too drunk to consent, because we all know that being drunk = consent, going to a hotel room = consent, being 'a slag' = consent. Not only that but anyone who is raped most probably is just making it up because they don't want people to know they were a drunken slag.

Look - here are some more. Parents - be proud of the boys you are raising. Or maybe, just maybe, we need to really start looking at the way we educate and mould young men into believing that women are just worthless lying fuck holes.

That Callum is a nice boy, isn't he?

He scores goals

Because some people seem to live their whole lives around football and I just didn't know this was actually a real life thing until I saw it on twitter over and over again. There are some men (boys?) out there for whom football is the be all and end all of everything so it doesn't matter to them one bit if the whole team is made up of rapists - so what, so long as they score goals? Or perhaps even more scarily they are growing up thinking that raping women is just a natural part of being a footballer and something they all dream of doing - if they are not doing it already which judging by some of the comments they probably are.

He is innocent

And when his appeal happens you will all be saying sorry (because he is innocent)

He's been found guilty, in a court, based upon evidence he gave. Reading the Ched Evans website doesn't make you a lawyer, nor a jury member.

Feminists are stupid

Say people who don't even understand what feminism is and who clearly don't like women very much in the first place.

I am bored

Because rape is boring isn't it? All these silly women complaining about not being able to go places without the threat of sexual assault and violence. Rape IS violence by the way.

This is a conversation I had with the person who set up a petition asking Oldham Athletic to sign Ched Evans. Below are some of the reasons people gave when signing the petition.

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