Thursday, November 13, 2014

People who support the rapist Ched Evans

There's a petition currently running in favour of Sheffied United re-signing the rapist Chedwyn Evans now that he has been released on license from prison after serving half his prison term. It asks people to sign and says

"By signing this petition you believe either Ched is innocent or deserves another chance, no way by signing the petition are you condoning rape."

it makes for interesting reading, not least because of some of the awful comments made by the signatories. Below are a few examples but first here is some information:

The word Innocent is used 235 times. Bearing in mind that this case went to trial where a jury found him Guilty and subsequently his leave to appeal was thrown out.

The phrase 'second Chance' is used 64 times.

75 people think there was a miscarriage of justice.

You can sign the petition asking SUFC not to re-sign him here.

This one is from Ched Evans' girlfriend's father who is bankrolling his attempts to clear his name:

It was just a silly mistake:

Only if we are all rapists?

Here are a series of lovely victim blaming reasons why he should play for Sheffield United:

Yeah, because going to a bedroom means you lose the right to make a choice about who has sex with you.

Yeah, how can men help themselves with all these women out there who just don't respect themselves enough to stay indoors?
But men can stick their penis into women who have blacked out and not expect to be called a rapist?

Because everyone knows if you go back to a hotel with a man it's fair enough for his friend to come and join in too?

Then there are the 'This is just what men do' brigade:

As someone on my Twitter feed pointed out, wouldn't we all feel a heck of a lot safer if all these men who think this is normal were behind bars? Sadly most rapists don't end up in jail.

She did it for money:

No, I'm not sure I understand either.

She did it because she lost her bag:

He's just too good at kicking a ball to lose:

I just don't care:

It's all the fault of those feminists: 

It wasn't really Rape AKA 'for the love of god think about the real rape victims':

(I think Sue is really angry)

Don't you know who the real victim is?:

Let's just be grateful this person no longer works for the CPS:

Lastly - the people who got it slightly wrong:

Erm, yes. If they were trying to make a point it's unfortunate that they would have had to sign the petition to do so

Friday, November 07, 2014

Page Views

I haven't blogged in such a long time. It's not like I have nothing to say. I just don't have the time to say it. However I happened to log in today as I was wanting to give someone a bit of advice about something I had been through and needed to look up what I had written about it at the time and so I had a bit of a tinker, including taking a look at my 'page views'.

Interesting viewing, though not sure if I need to be a bit wary about some of the page views I have had from the continent!

Anyhoo - I am going to try and sit down and write a blog about the last few months because D and I have been to counselling, which might make for some interesting blogging so long as I don't cross the 'what's said in counselling, stays in counselling' line. It's OK for me to write about my own feelings - right?