Friday, September 14, 2012

last posts before sunny Spain

The latest news on my husband's job is that he's definitely jobless. He left a couple of weeks ago and was paid his last wage-packet a couple of days later. The good news is that he took his case to tribunal and it turns out they were not within their rights to get rid of him so tey have agreed to setle by giving him 3 month's wages. I just hope he manages to get another job because although this payment makes us cash rich for now it's not going to be good long-term.
We are off to Spain on Sunday, I am partly packed. We fly out quite late so I am hoping that between now and then my husband willput something into the suitcase because so far it's all my and our son's stuff. I am trying to be chilled about the whole thing but am a little worried as it's 10 days, possibly in blazing hot weather with a toddler and my mother-in-law. So to distract myself I have tried to create a capsule wardrobe. Today I bought a whole new outfit from Tesco and Asda, including some lovely sunglasses in the sale. I might just take a photo and post it up like I am some kind of fashion blogger. Maybe it will become a theme.
I also had a haircut, quite a lot shorter than last time - I think I will start wearing lip-stick.