Wednesday, November 09, 2011

This too will pass

I had to delete my blog. I was gutted. however I discovered you can undelete it and so after some furious editing I may make it public again. If I were to tell you why I deleted it I may have to kill you ... but seriously, after the whole mumsnet fiasco D searched out my blog and read some of the angsty stuff I had posted and was upset. I instantly deleted it and then regretted it. I have now read the whole thing and while there were some things which were close to the edge I still believe I have every right to post the things I did in my own blog. The crazy thing is I thought I had made them private but I managed to muck that up too. I have deleted some stuff and edited others; hopefully there is now nothing 'bad' left to read. I was gutted as I thought I had lost all the stuff about my infertility and the IVF but thankfully it's back.

The Mumsnet posting thing rumbles on and I have gone from upset and apologetic to angry and defiant, mostly because I have been lied to... told that no one was searching my posts, told it was an nct buddy, told it wasn't, told that they were sent links in an email, told that other people will be told, told that people have a print out of my comments and so on. The wisest words have come from my mum who said 'it's an internet forum, you can say what you like'. Anyway it's not like I named them, posted their addresses and provided pictures and a map of how to get there. I made 2 comments which were silly and another in anger - which incidentally I stand by even now - giving Dr Pepper to an 8 month old baby is beyond stupid.

I have my suspicions about who sent the emails, it's one of two people I am sure - I just have a feeling. Not going to mention them here but I do wonder why it has all been blown out of proportion in this way, it has developed a life of its own and it's batshit crazy.