Friday, March 11, 2011

Co-Sleeping and other woes

So I am sitting here thinking I haven't blogged in such a long time but I just don't have the time. I was about to log out but decided against it. The baby has been asleep for over half an hour (on me) and I have just put him down (on my bed) and am hoping he will sleep for a while. This is what we do, we are co-sleeping. I mean that in the true sense, B has never slept anywhere else but my bed... well, at night anyway. He has had a few naps in the moses basket, before he outgrew it, but apart from that I have had him in with me since we got him home. The Health Visitor at the breastfeeding group I go to says it's probably the best for him and me given the start we had and I agree; after not having that skin to skin bonding for 9 days all I wanted was to feel close to him.
 Her reaction is more positive than many I have had. My mum for example thinks it's a cot-death risk (yes it's true that some babies who co-sleep have died but more babies in Cribs and cots than in bed with their parents), my NCT group ladies would never consider it (some already have their babies in the nursery) and in general health visitorsseem quite negative about it. However it works for us. B is exclusively breastfed and co-sleeping makes it easier. He mostly sleeps from 11 pm to 6am, though the last few days he's been falling asleep earlier and then waking me at 2am, I think it is a growth spurt or he's going to start ajusting his natural sleep patterns.

I am loving being a mum, though it has it's moments of being very tiring and repetitive. Mostly it is good. We waited so long that I am not going to start moaning about it now! B is over 11 weeks now and is a very happy little boy, we get great smiles and sometimes little laughs. Of course we think he is very pretty and very well behaved, so far as a baby can be. We may have lucked out a little as he rarrely screams, drops off to sleep with a little encouragement and is very sweet natured.

The things I find hard are the fact that as his mum and the breasfeeder I am the one doing most of the work. Interrupted sleep doesn't bother me, but not having someone to take B off me for an hour or so is difficult. It seems like the only time I get long periods without him is if there is dinner to be cooked or floors to be mopped; as predicted I am still the one doing the bulk of the housework. To be fair on Dale he is still having to get up every morning and do a full day's work and sometimes it must look to him like all I do is go out and drink coffee. I meet up with the NCT people once a week, go to breastfeeding group, visit my mum, meet up with friends and so on but the alternative would be to sit in the house all day waiting for Bob's one hour naps so I can rush about setting the house straigt. Not much fun.

I will continue this later... here are some photos... from the top - with my mum, with mum again, loving my friend Steph, being fed.